Through the partial funding of the Cultural Partnership Agreement, the Teatru Salesjan is looking into employing a full-time theatre manager on a three year contract which can be extended depending on future progress.

The theatre manager will be responsible for leading the personnel, financial and administrative aspects of the Teatru Salesjan. The manager will need to be business minded and will also be responsible for leading marketing and publicity activities. Together with the theatre’s board of directors, the manager recruits and manages volunteering staff from the box office to back stage and will be responsible for management of personnel, such as training. The manager will also be asked to look into adding more members to the team through Volunteer calls, Government Secondment, European Voluntary Service and internships amongst others. The team will be then empowered to look into additional sources of funding, private or public. Customer care is also a crucial part of the role to ensure the public get the most out of their experience when visiting the Teatru Salesjan. 

This is a full-time post, therefore if the selected applicant holds a fixed term contract of employment, he/she will be required to forfeit such contract before taking up the new duties of this position. Eligible applicants will be interviewed by a selection board to assess their suitability to carry out such duties.

Although this area of work is open to all graduates, a degree in the following subjects may increase chances of employment:

i) arts management;

ii) arts administration;

iii) drama/theatre studies;

iv) business studies/management.

Entry is also open to all diplomates, although the following Higher National Diploma/foundation degree subjects may improve chances:

i) creative/performing arts;

ii) drama/theatre studies;

iii) arts in the community.

Entry without a degree/HND/foundation degree may be possible as practical theatre experience, dedication and enthusiasm are valued assets.

 The candidate must also demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. ability to work within allocated budgets;
  2. excellent organisational and time management skills;
  3. self-motivation and ability to motivate others;
  4. ability to train staff;
  5. good communication and reporting skills;
  6. excellent command (written and oral) of Maltese & English plus, ideally, one other language;
  7. general ability in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and other computer applications;
  8. well-developed analytical, thinking, judgement and decision taking skills;
  9. knowledge and interest in Malta’s cultural and theatrical scene;
  10. willingness to work according to the exigencies of the theatre’s rehearsal and performance schedule;
  11. willingness to conform with the ethos of the Teatru Salesjan.

To apply, candidates are to send an email with a letter stating why they wish to be part of the team at the Teatru Salesjan and their Curriculum Vitae to by September 10th 2016. Employment is due to commence in October/December 2016. 

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