The Matera - Basilicata 2019 Foundation announces that an open call has been launched for the selection of the Cultural Manager

The Cultural Manager is responsible for the coordination, production and supervision the projects of Matera 2019 cultural programme as described in the bid book.

Duties of the Cultural Manager: 

In particular, on the basis of the annual objectives set by the General Director and in close collaboration with the Development Manager, the Cultural Manager implements, coordinates and Matera – European Capital of Culture 2019 supervises the projects of Matera 2019 cultural programme, with reference both to the projects run directly by the Foundation and to the co-production projects. He/she will carry out the following tasks:

- coordinating the development and implementation of the Matera 2019 cultural programme's projects under the artistic direction of the Cultural Advisory Board, which will consist of experts with thematics or multidisciplinary skills, who will dialogue with the Cultural Manager in order to define the content of the projects and events themselves;

- ensuring high cultural quality standards on a European-wide level for all the projects;

- implementing, in agreement with the Development Manager, the capacity building programme and the audience engagement strategy, in close connection with the "cultural citizenship" approach, which plays a central role in the Matera 2019 bid book;

- managing the relationships with artists and institutions, as well as the relevant contractual agreements in collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Manager;

- managing all the exchange and incoming/outgoing mobility programmes linked to the organization of artistic residencies;

- ensuring the preparation of the plans and schedules for the activities and their locations, and overseeing their updates;

- preparing the budgets for the various events and projects, and assisting in the preparation of the co-production budgets;

- monitoring the calendars, the production budgets, and the activity planning;

- playing a mentoring role by attributing greater value to the regional creative community and by facilitating the European co-creation and co-production processes.

General requirements

The participant must:

1. be in possession of all civil and political rights;

2. not be subject to any definitive or any pending procedures that prevent from establishing or maintaining employment relationships with the Public Administration;

3. not be subject to any prohibitions, pursuant to the current legislation, to enter into contracts with the Public Administration;

4. not be the spouse/cohabiting partner or relative within the second degree of any of the Foundation's employees or any of the subjects holding positions of responsibility, control or administration within the Foundation itself.  

Professional requirements:

5. A Master’s degree;

6. at least five years of proven experience and responsibility (above all in the international arena) in organizing complex projects and events, in the cultural and creative domains;

7. very good knowledge of the English and Italian languages.

Application submission 

In order to participate in this selection process, the interested experts must submit:

a) An Application duly drafted and signed by the participant according to the model provided in Annex A this Notice. The Application must contain all the statements and information required by the model provided in Annex A;

b) A curriculum vitae, dated and signed by the participant; the curriculum must clearly show that the participant has met the professional experience requirements and must enclose Names and Details of 2 professional references who will be contacted if the candidate is selected for the interview;

c) A motivation letter (maximum 2 standard pages) presenting the participant's reasons for applying to this call;

d) A copy of a valid identity document of the participant.

Upon penalty of exclusion, the above documents must be received by regular email by 11:00 p.m. of 31 October 2016, at the following address:

In the subject of the correspondence please quote “Call for the selection of a Cultural Manager."

More info here.

The application form (Annex A) can be downloaded from here