Inizjamed is seeking to employ a cultural administrator on a part-time basis

Inizjamed (Mediterranean Cultural Initiative) is a voluntary organization founded in 1998 and based in Malta that promotes socially and politically committed culture and actively promotes a greater awareness of the Mediterranean locally and internationally.

For 2017, Inizjamed is seeking to employ a cultural administrator on a part-time basis. The ideal applicants should have:

  • A Master of Arts Degree or equivalent
  • Worked with/Knowledge of voluntary organizations and their institutional obligations
  • Two years of experience in the voluntary sector

The ideal candidate should be able to: 

  • Communicate well within a group and beyond, namely the local media
  • Organise small and large scale events
  • Have leadership skills
  • Draft proposals for projects and fill out application forms for funding
  • Administer funds
  • Take own initiatives
  • Have a team spirit
  • Have an excellent grasp of Maltese and English and preferably another language

The cultural administrator should manage the administration of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival. Therefore, the responsibilities of the chosen candidate include:

  • Contacts with local and foreign authors
  • Drafting a one week long programme for the MMLF, including a translation laboratory and pre-festival events, besides the Festival itself
  • Activities within the community weeks before the Festival
  • Carrying out extensive logistical work in relation to these activities, and catering for foreign guests, namely authors, other Festival managers, and publishers
  • Meeting other local and international entities as well as the authors themselves

General conditions

  • Annual work load of 8 hours per week
  • Work can be carried out from a chosen location or from a location Inizjamed provides
  • The contract is extended on a yearly basis, with a possibility of extending it to 2019

The adjudication board is appointed by Inizjamed and reserves the right of the selection. Other details, such as payment conditions, will be be discussed with the chosen candidate.

The prospective applicants are to send a letter to express their interest in such an employment together with their CV to till Monday 30th January 2017.

The Inizjamed is a beneficiary of the Cultural Partnership Agreement, Arts Council Malta.